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Put this date on your calendar: December 28 acquired by CBS
CBS has purchased, and Jim Lanzone, CEO and co-founder, has been named the President of CBS Interactive. can be found on Forbes.

Listen to the Innovation at Work radio show interview with Jim Lanzone below.

4 weeks in: Seattle
I couldn't have done it without you, Austin. The Innovation at Work special, 2 weeks in: Austin, was a huge success. I'll admit that we could have done some things a little better, but overall, we captured the essence of Austin's entrepreneurial spirit on camera in such a way that we very well may cause viewers to reimagine the term "Startup".

In addition to the amazing interviews and footage we captured in Austin, the trip also resulted in a personal revelation for me. I'm not failing enough. Success is great, and obviously rewarding, but for creatives, it's important to take the kind of risks that can lead to impressive discoveries, but that more often than not, lead to failure. I'd like to think that I posses that type of bold, adventurous spirit, but if I do, I've kept it bottled up. Until now.

Austin was just the beginning. I have an opportunity to take this entrepreneurial exploration to the next level. 4 weeks in: Seattle. I'm more than nervous...I'm scared outta my wits. But I'm gonna go for it anyway. I'm going to have to put the Innovation at Work radio show on hiatus temporarily, but anytime we take Innovation at Work on the road, we're always looking for innovators and big thinkers to interview on location. I'll try to do a better job of getting the content online in a timely manner.

Wish me luck. I have some preparations to take care off, and then I'm off once again. By the way, if Seattle goes as well as Austin, and I have an opportunity to venture to a 3rd City of Startups and Entrepreneurs, where do you think I should go?
One Week to Go
Winston is still in Austin, but momentum is on his side. We asked him how things were going so far. "Fantastic. Partnering with really paid off. My "command center" is at , right in the heart of downtown. I've been able to host some of Austin's brightest thought leaders in this top tier office space. I'm getting great advice in these interviews, and I'm starting to see why Austin is so unique. Stay tuned."

Winston will be interviewing this morning, and from Shelton Interactive in the afternoon. We'll continue to give you updates as they come in!

2 Weeks in Austin
Game on! Winston is in Austin for the next two weeks. The challenge: Assemble a team of entrepreneurs, come up with a viable business, and then bootstrap that bad boy. But there's a catch. He doesn't know anybody in Austin, so he's essentially starting from scratch. He's always saying, "It's all about the ideas." We'll know soon enough if that was all talk, or if there's truth in those words. Here's a short, unedited clip Winston sent us so we'd know he's alive and well.

Steven Thrasher & Sheryl Jean
Guest host and intellectual property attorney shares the mic with Dallas Morning News business reporter to explore the buzz in the startup and venture community in DFW.

Sheryl Jean grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has worked as a business reporter in New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, California and Minnesota before joining the Dallas Morning News in January 2008. She has written about a wide variety of industries from airlines and retail to banking and insurance. She has personal insight for her current job covering small business and entrepreneurs: Her father was a small business owner. Sheryl also is an avid runner, bicyclist and traveler.

Where is Winston?
He might be in over his head this time. Winston is in the middle of a special, television challenge. Stay tuned for updates and clues about his whereabouts and progress.
The Economics of Free
I was blown away by 's speech at . I think this guy is on to something. Is this the answer to the online piracy epidemic?
Innovative and Controversial
May 27th, 2010
Sometimes big ideas are controversial. says he doesn't support marital infidelity. If you decide you want to cheat anyway, he'd like for you to use , a web tool that brings spouses together...with other spouses...from different marriages.

I'll chat with Noel Biderman today at 1pm. Fresh from his big debate with Sean Hannity, Noel is ready to give his side of the story. This is an interview you don't want to miss.

Should we appreciate the innovation, even if we don't support the act? Should the outrage be directed at the company, or the cheaters? I'd love to know what you think. .
Voice of the Entrepreneur
May 26th, 2010 - Vator is short for Innovator, so this is a company we simply had to feature on the Innovation at Work radio show. We'll be chatting with , the founder and CEO of , to find out more about this exciting platform for entrepreneurs.

Bambi Francisco is the founder and CEO of, a leading platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to broadcast and communicate with industry professionals, and VatorNews, a video business network. Prior to Vator, Bambi was an award-winning journalist at Dow Jones MarketWatch where she was the lead columnist/correspondent focusing on Internet trends and investments, appearing online and on TV. She was a morning business anchor for KPIX, the CBS affiliate in San Francisco and made frequent appearances as an expert on technology on CNBC, Fox Business News, and CBS.
Microfinancing - What is it? How can you get some?
May 25th, 2010
The biggest ideas often come from the most unlikely people. What separates the big thinkers from the big achievers? Sometimes it's capital. That's why I love the concept of microfinancing. It's way up near the top of my list of things that help level the playing field for small business owners. We're going to dig in to this topic with Janie Barrera, the president and CEO of , a nonprofit corporation that provides small loans and management training to small business entrepreneurs. We always bring you the top experts in the field, and this is no exception. Accion is the largest microfinancing organization in the United States.

Rather than simply presenting a concept, we'll show you how microfinancing actually works, and how it changes lives. We'll be joined by Michelle Matta, the owner of , to get first hand microfinancing testimony.

Brand Loyalty - Dianne Durkin
May 20th, 2010
I love Blockbuster Video. I love Microsoft. I love A&W Cream Soda. I don't care what Netflix has to offer. I'm not interested in Apple products. Forget Coke. I'm loyal. How can you create consumer, employee, and brand loyalty for your business? Dianne Durkin, author of , joins us to offer some advice and tips.

Check out, , at
Don Rainey
May 19th, 2010
Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and more. Location-based social networks are popping up all over the place. Which company will win by becoming synonymous with this type of location aware application? And what of the two big giants in the room? Facebook is planning to launch its own location-based application, partnering with ubiquitous McDonald's. Google says it has 3 million active users on their location aware app, but the service, dubbed Latitude, doesn't allow much interaction. Perhaps all that could change with the flip of a switch. This is a crowded marketplace. Location-based applications are as hot as they've ever been. The question is, why? What value are these applications really offering? I'll ask Don Rainey what he thinks about this trend. Is this value, or is this hype? What advice can he give to entrepreneurs who want to launch a business that relies less on hype, and more on providing a valuable product or service to consumers?

Don Rainey is a partner at . He works with companies in all stages and helps them understand the simple yet strategic moves they could take to dramatically improve both the top line and bottom line.
John Warrillow
May 13th, 2010
Serial entrepreneur and successful planning expert, John Warrillow, is in Dallas, thanks to The Wall Street Journal and the Dallas Chamber, to engage with DFW small business owners and share some of the secrets of his success. The Innovation at Work radio show was able to pull him away for an hour to visit with us on the air. Entrepreneurs, don't miss this show.

I just downloaded a copy of his new book, , to my . Check it out.
the Week of April 26th - April 30th
Download the , launch it, and search for innovationenvy. You can also watch/listen to us live right here.

Dallas Networking
April 26th, 2010
With special guests Marc Freedman, from the , , a DFW Angel Investor, and Art Gallery Owner .

dillon 5
April 27th, 2010
You took the plunge. The launch was successful. Your new Startup is live! What now? is an advisory company for Startups and Early Stage Companies. We'll chat with dillon 5 founder, .

Boot Camp for Innovators
April 28th, 2010
We'll chat with Pam Chmiel, the founder of .
April 30th, 2010
Did you hear about the latest data security breach? We'll be speaking with the CEO of , Todd Davis.
the Week of April 19th - April 23rd
- Because you have more important things to do than yard maintenance.

Now on your iPad!
So you're an early adopter! Congratulations on your purchase of a spankin' new Apple iPad. Here's another great thing you can do with it...listen to Winston Edmondson! Just download the , launch it, and search for innovationenvy. You can also watch/listen to us live right here.

Social Innovation
April 19th, 2010
What is Social Innovation? Is this another setup from Henderson, Winston's extremely liberal executive assistant? You know how the left sometimes uses positive words to obfuscate the real objective.

No, we're safe here. This is a good thing. We'll speak with Stacy Caldwell for a crash course in social innovation. Stacy is the President of the , and we'll hear about the exciting things that the organization is doing in our community. They've been supporting venture philanthropy for 10 years, and we'll find out about their celebration.

A special thanks to for getting us connected with Stacy.

April 20th, 2010
Cameron Gawley is the founder of , a unique consulting company. He struck gold with his first two startups, and I suspect that BuzzShift will be just as successful. With the experience he has under his belt, he's the perfect guest to answer the question, "What is the right way to launch your company?"

Mindy Jones
April 21st, 2010
We'll chat with Mindy Jones about the non profit organization, . She'll share some of the experiences from her life that make her uniquely qualified to lead this organization.

M79 Studios
April 22nd, 2010
Mark Wadden joins us to talk about his Digital Marketing company. We'll find out about the services that M79 Studios offers, such as Cloud Computing and Virtualization. Like this radio program, is a client of , so we'll get a chance to compare notes. Make sure you check out the . It's one of my favorites.

Survival Tactics for Music Venues
April 23rd, 2010
You've heard him host the Local Music Spotlight. Now Alan Ayo takes the main stage as the special guest host of the Innovation at Work radio show. Ayo comes with his own co-host, fashion/music journalist Renee Benson. We're looking forward to his conversation with Chelsea Calahan, from the . If you're ever looking for Chelsea, there's a good chance .

the Week of April 12th - April 16th

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So you're an early adopter! Congratulations on your purchase of a spankin' new Apple iPad. Here's another great thing you can do with it...listen to Winston Edmondson! Just download the , launch it, and search for innovationenvy. You can also watch/listen to us live right here.

Startup Week: Day 1
April 12th, 2010
Let's mix things up a little, shall we? Today's special guest host is the father of , Mike Orren. He'll be discussing Dallas Startup Weekend with Chris Walters and Steven Thrasher.

April 13th, 2010
is a home away from home for many DFW startups. Blake Burris, the founder of CoHabitat, joins us to discuss this unusually effective co-working environment. You can in person this Thursday at the .
April 14th, 2010
Reach out and Tungle someone. If you're not sure what that means, don't miss this show. We'll have a conversation with Marc Gingras, the CEO of

The Innovation at Work radio show uses on a daily basis. If you've never tried it, give it a spin.

Creative Consortium Group
April 15th, 2010
Mark Risley, the CEO of , will discuss the upscale creative haven he launched in Mockingbird Station. , an Innovation at Work repeat guest and CCG client, will join us to talk about his brand new iPad applications.

Coke Squared? Location aware?
April 16th, 2010
What if somebody reinvented the Coke bottle? Innovators are always looking for a better way to do things? Andrew Kim has . He'll join us to discuss his idea, and fill us in on all the benefits of its adoption. We hope Coca-Cola will be listening, and we're pretty sure they will be.

Also, Nicholas Scott Spencer and John Matthias Syrinek will talk about their location aware app .

the Week of April 5th - April 9th

Now on your iPad!
So you're an early adopter! Congratulations on your purchase of a spankin' new Apple iPad. Here's another great thing you can do with it...Llisten to Winston Edmondson! Just download the , launch it, and search for innovationenvy. You can also watch/listen to us live right here.

Almost here: Dallas Startup Weekend
March April 5th, 2010
Are you ready for ? If you haven't , do it now! This event, which all DFW entrepreneurs should attend, will be held at . Matthew Titsworth from Company|Dallas will be with us to discuss his business and the trend. Steven Thrasher will join us as well to talk about his experience with Startup Weekend, and to talk about .

Personalized Financial Planning
April 6th, 2010
A talk with about the importance of personalized financial planning.

Charter Schools
April 7th, 2010
Executives In Action
April 7th, 2010
Jeremy Gregg ,from , stops by to talk about this innovative non-profit company.

Future-Proof: Contact Info Exchange
April 8th, 2010
Lief Larson has big ideas. We'll discuss what could be the evolution of the business card:

VST: 20/20 Vision Made Easy
April 9th, 2010
Would you like to have 20/20 vision without having to wear glasses or contacts all day? And did I mention you won't need surgery? That's right, no scalpels or lasers necessary. Dr. Mike, from , will join us to talk about . Definitely a show you won't want to miss!
the Week of March 29th - April 2nd
Check out these great books written by Innovation at Work guests:

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The iPhone isn't my thing, but if you're obsessed with Apple's money maker, you can make yours even cooler by using it to listen to Winston Edmondson. Just download the , launch it, and search for innovationenvy. You can also watch/listen to us live right here.

Games2U Entertainment
March 29th, 2010
When we were kids, we went to the movie theater for birthday parties. I remember a small army of kids that all went to see Space Camp for my buddy Charlie's birthday party. That was then...this is now; The future of group entertainment is here. Entertainment expert is our special guest host, and we'll be chatting with the founders of .

Games2U Entertainment is transforming the party industry. Founded in 2007 by brothers David and Stuart Pikoff, Games2U offers an interactive, state-of-the-art entertainment alternative for birthday, corporate and community gatherings. With parties starting at $199, the franchise is quickly becoming one of the hottest attractions at outdoor events and community and corporate gatherings. Games2U was listed as No. 21 in the 2010 rank of and listed as one of the to start in 2010 by .


Pegasus News: Be Afraid, Legacy Media. Be very afraid.
March 30th, 2010
Mike Orren, the founder of , will discuss how he launched the company, and how he turned it into one of the most prominent news organizations in Dallas/Fort Worth. We'll also discuss the plight of . What exactly is New Media? Why does it have traditional media outlets running scared? Is that a good thing? Tune in to find out.


The Business of Design
March 31st, 2010
Don't miss a minute of this show. We're chatting with Joseph DeSetto, co-founder of , about several topics. The rise of New Media Development Firms, games for business, his , and how gives him the flexibility he needs.

Joseph DeSetto is the author of and . He is the co-founder of reallyMedia, a mobile game and application developer based in Tampa, Florida.

Joseph is a subject matter expert in interactive and emerging technologies. His clients include DeVry University, Career Education Corporation, The American College of Surgeons, Liz Claiborne and Computer Associates (CA).

He has been featured in and was a presenter at the 2009 HOW Design Conference in Austin. .

Future-Proof: Contact Info Exchange
April 1st, 2010
is a player in the contact information exchange industry. is also a major player. We'll speak with both companies and examine the differences between their two approaches.

The Alamo Drafthouse on the future of cinema.
April 2nd, 2010
The on the future of cinema. Tim League, the founder of the cinema, talks about what sets them apart, and how they continue to revolutionize the movie going experience.

the Week of March 22nd - 26th
- Because you have more important things to do than yard maintenance.

The MingleStick
March 22nd, 2010
Bradley Blin, one of the founders of , talks about an innovative approach to exchanging contact information. Is this the future of business cards? When it comes to large events and seminars, it very well may be.


Dallas Comedy Festival
March 23rd, 2010
We're always looking for great content, so we want to give a special thanks to Mike Orren from for this tip. The opens on Wednesday, March 24. We'll be joined by Clay and Amanda, the founders of , to find out what they have in store. We're going to find out if they think Winston has what it takes to complete their improv comedy class, as well.

March 24th, 2010
You've heard the bold ads where he gives his social security number out over the airways. Todd Davis, the CEO of , will join us to talk about identity theft, and how Lifelock became the most successful identity theft protection company.

Smart Search Engine Marketing
March 25th, 2010
David Rodnitzky, Founder and CEO, , talks about Search Engine Marketing. So you think it's as easy as picking a few key words? Unless you really know what you're doing, you're going to leave money on the table. What's the difference between advertising on a search engine like Google and advertising on a social networking site like Facebook? Great question. Tune in for the answer. We'll also find out how David built this company from humble beginnings, working out of a coffee shop, to the success it is today, by partnering with .

Rubensteintech will also check in. We'll find out what this is working on.

more info:
David Rodnitzky is CEO of PPC Associates, a leading search engine marketing firm he founded in 2008.

Prior to PPC Associates, David held senior marketing roles at Mercantila, Adteractive, FindLaw, and Click to read

David is a featured columnist for and and also writes a personal blog on search engine marketing at . He is also the founder of The Online Lead Generation networking group, an organization with more than 15000 members, and is an advisor to Marin Software and MediaBoost.

David received a BA with honors from the University of Chicago and a JD with honors from the University of Iowa.


The Sexologist
March 26th, 2010
Dr. Amy Marsh, the sexologist, will answer an important question. Is there a link between success and sexual satisfaction? Does business success start in the bedroom? We'll also discuss a condition (Henderson, the liberal executive assistant says we can't call it a disorder) known as . That's when people like the Brooklyn Bridge. Her special guest will be a patient who has this condition and is willing to speak about it. Interesting...
the Week of March 15th - 19th
- Get 20/20 vision without glasses, contacts, or corrective surgery. Addison, TX.

The Granada Theater
March 15th, 2010
Mike Schoder, the owner of , talks about how he went from being a hungry entrepreneur out of the back of his Toyota Supra to his current job, running one of the finest music venues in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.


Ray Silverstein
March 16th, 2010
A conversation with Ray Silverstein, the author of the best-selling book, .


Two Unique Businesses, One Theme: Men are stupid.
March 17th, 2010
Men need help. Both Herman DeBoard, the founder and CEO of , and Marni Kinrys, the founder and CEO of , tell us how they've built successful businesses by providing men with the help that they need.


Bryan Au
March 18th, 2010
What happens when the left hand doesn't tell the right hand what it's doing? You usually end up with a pretty fun show. Henderson, Winston's very liberal assistant, booked the Eco Chef, Bryan Au, to talk about going raw. Why should you consider the Raw Diet? The author of the best-selling book, , will tell you.


Eating and Mating tips for men from women
March 19th, 2010
A chat with Wing Girl Kim, the author of , and JYL from the program.
the Week of March 8th - 12th
Please vote for .

SCORE - A Free Resource for Entrepreneurs
March 8th, 2010
Ready to launch your business? Not sure where to start? May we suggest beginning with a free consultation with ? Listen to this episode to find out about all the free resources that SCORE provides.


Another husband/wife power couple: The Danse
March 9th, 2010
offers 3D design services, web and iPhone app development, including .


Compare and Contrast: Sandwich Franchise vs. Magazine Publishing
March 10th, 2010
A fun conversation about one of the most successful sandwich shop franchises, , and .


Ignite Dallas Full House
March 11th, 2010
- Lighting a fire under the Dallas creative community. We had a full house, with several of the speakers from the recent Ignite Dallas event, along with the organizers, cramming into the Innovation at Work studios and calling in, to share their experiences.


Cultural Distortion
March 12th, 2010
Guest host:
the Week of March 1st - 5th offers !

Bartering in the Obama Economy
March 1st, 2010
Don Mardak, the founder and CEO of International Monetary Systems (IMS), talks about the benefits of bartering, and how the can help.


Farouk Shami
March 2nd, 2010
A conversation with about the big ideas he has for Texas.


Election Recap with Jason Johnson
March 3rd, 2010
Jason Johnson, from , joins us for a post election day recap and analysis.


Create your own flexible work scenario.
March 4th, 2010
Michelle Goodman, the author of The Anti 9 to 5 Guide and , gives advice on how to ditch the cubicle.


Going Social
March 5th, 2010
Eve Mayer Orsburn is the CEO and owner of . She stopped by the Innovation at Work studios to talk about the need for businesses to go social.

the Week of February 22nd - 26th
ADHD? Call today at 972-484-4844

Entrepreneur Power Couples
A number of guests on the Innovation at Work radio show have shared stories about marriages that ended because of a lack of support. We always talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences. What happens when you team up with the right person? We'll speak to several Entrepreneur Power Couples to find out. Tune in at 3pm on CNN Radio 1190 AM or listen online.

We'll chat with the power couples behind these successful businesses:


was voted Dallas' best takeout food by Dallas Observer readers. Ever wonder how an entrepreneur comes up with a winning concept? Tune in to the Innovation at Work radio show Thursday the 25th at 3pm to find out. We'll chat (and eat) with the founders of Quesa-D-Ya's to find out how and why they decided to launch this fun concept. Turn the dial to CNN Radio 1190 AM, or listen online.


Microsoft's Decision Engine takes over Dallas. Tune in at 3pm to hear all about it.

Listen Online


Get Organized!
& Sally Redden, the organizational experts from , spent an hour with us on the radio discussing organizational tips for entrepreneurs, and we only scratched the surface. Check out the show, and stay tuned for more. We're going to see if we can convince them to come back for more.
Listen to the show audio>>

What's new and hot?
, who you're probably familiar with from his articles in , will join us to talk about Microsoft's Phone Operating System reboot, MS Outlook's social networks integration, and .

the Week of February 18th - 13th
sponsored by: Winston Edmondson is on .

Invest in yourself, or pay the price.
Posted February 18th, 2010
What should you be investing in? If you aren't sure, listen to this conversation with Kim Snider, the Founder & CEO of , and the author of the best selling book .
Listen to the show audio>>

Congressional District 30: The Debate
Posted February 15th, 2010
It's time to take back Congress! Nine term Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson needs to go. Who will have the honor of defeating her in November? Now is your chance to decide. Today, Winston will be conducting a candidate forum with the three Republican candidates that are battling it out in this primary election. Early voting starts tomorrow, so listen closely, call in with your questions, make up your mind, then cast your vote! Tune in today at 3pm. CNN Radio 1190 AM or listen online. If you want to ask the candidates a question, you can call in at 214-787-1190.

The candidates: | |

The 30th District of Texas encompasses downtown Dallas, Fair Park, Oak Lawn, Old East Dallas, Pleasant Grove, and South Oak Cliff; all of Balch Springs, DeSoto, Hutchins, Lancaster and Wilmer and parts of Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Ferris, Glenn Heights and Ovilla.

Charlie Haas & JBL
Posted February 4th, 2010
and are phenomenal athletes that you've seen in the WWE squared circle, but did you know that they're also innovative entrepreneurs? We'll talk to these two WWE Superstars about their company, , and we'll find out what else they've been up to.

Tune in today from 3-4pm on CNN 1190 AM, or listen online.

Steve Jobs introduces the Apple iPad
Posted January 27th, 2010
We're going to discuss the spankin' new Apple iPad today. We hope to have a special guest on the phone who will be able to share his first hand impression of the new device. Until then, take a look at one of the projects we're working on. The SPN Social Touch Menu: Coming to an Apple iPad in the very near future.

Pole Dance Workouts: the new fitness craze
Posted January 21st, 2010
Forget what you thought you knew about pole dancing. Karyn Pentecost, the founder of , will be in the studio to tell us about Pole Dance fitness classes. It's not just a popular exercise method, it's also a ! I wonder if we'll ever see Olympic Pole Dance competitions. Read more>>

Tune in today from 3-4pm on CNN 1190 AM, or listen online.
sponsored by: .

Pole Dance Workouts: the new fitness craze
Posted January 21st, 2010
Forget what you thought you knew about pole dancing. Karyn Pentecost, the founder of , will be in the studio to tell us about Pole Dance fitness classes. It's not just a popular exercise method, it's also a ! I wonder if we'll ever see Olympic Pole Dance competitions. Read more>>

Tune in today from 3-4pm on CNN 1190 AM, or listen online.

LockSAF Biometric Safe: From Big Idea to Market
Posted January 21st, 2010
We're going to find out how , a former Wall Street executive, took a big idea all the way to the market. All gun owners should tune in to this show to hear about his exciting product. You can call in with questions or comments at 214-787-1190.

Tune in today from 3-4pm on CNN 1190 AM, or listen online.

Slaves, Drugs, and Disease: The U.S./Mexico Border Disaster
Posted January 19th, 2010
We're going to have a politically incorrect conversation about the filth that comes to our country from Mexico. Christopher Hatley, the author of , will tell us what he discovered while personally staking out the border. What he reveals may frighten you, but I hope that it enrages you to action. Securing our border should be a nonpartisan goal. If you don't agree, we need to talk. 214-787-1190.

Tune in today from 3-4pm on CNN 1190 AM, or listen online.

Anarchy in America
Posted January 11th, 2010
When I think of anarchy, I think of a post-apocalyptic wasteland like the world that exists in Denzel Washington's new film . Today's guest, Roman Pearah, is going to let me know if I have the wrong idea. He says that anarchy is the answer.

Lisa Lloyd will also be joining us in the studio today as my guest co-host. Lisa recently received $150,000 on the ABC television program Shark Tank. I can't wait to find out more about her experience on prime time.
More details & show notes>>

The Dallas Tea Party
Posted January 11th, 2010
Ken Emanuelson, a Dallas Tea Party organizer, is going to let us know what the Tea Party has been up to. We'll also have a little pre-debate commentary about the Texas Gubernatorial debate.
More details & show notes>>

Communities In Schools
Posted January 11th, 2010
Gary Henderson, the CEO of , will be stopping by the Innovation at Work studios to tell us about this innovative program that is making a profound impact on the lives of so many students. What does CIS do, and how can you get involved? Tune in to the Innovation@Work Radio Show from 3-4pm to find out!
More details & show notes>>

The 2010 Consumer Electronic Show
Posted January 10th, 2010

Today I'll have the lovely by my side as my guest co-host. Raine is a health nut. That's what I call her, anyway. She says she simply makes healthy lifestyle choices. Like fasting for 21 days with nothing but water. Can that really be healthy? We'll find out.

Are you a gadget lover? I know I am. Mike Courtney, with , will be in the studio to tell us about all the wonderful technology he saw at CES 2010, his 7th consecutive Consumer Electronics Show experience. Touch phones, e-readers, the new slate computers, 3D TV...I have so many questions!

Tune in to the Innovation@Work! radio show this Monday between 3-4pm on or online.

The Envy Magazine Entertainment Update
Posted January 5th, 2010

Paul Salfen, Envy Magazine's editorial director, is back for our weekly Entertainment Update. Have you seen the trailer for Peter Jackson's new film, The Lovely Bones? We'll check in with two of the film's stars, Saoirse Ronan & Rose McIver.

Ben McKenzie will join us in the Innovation@Work! studio to talk about the new season of Southland, the hit series that recently moved to TNT.

We'll also hear from Harrison Ford. Tune in to hear about his new film, Extraordinary Measures, which also stars Brendan Fraser.

Gun Ownership in the Age of Obama
Posted January 4th, 2010
What is it about President Obama that has citizens buying up all the guns and ammo they can find? We'll visit with Mitchel Chapman, the owner of Willow Bend Tactical and Secure CHL, to get some information about this phenomenon.

I'm ready to buy a gun, but I have one big obstacle. I'm going to ask Mitchel for some advice on how to sell this to my wife.

What kind of gun should I get? I want to get your opinion. Give us a call at 214-787-1190.

Tune in to the Innovation@Work! radio show this Monday between 3-4pm on or online.

287(g) or not 287(g), that's John Gorena's question
Posted January 1st, 2010
Set your alarm clocks for 3pm and 5:30pm this Monday, January 4th. From 3-4pm, we'll be talking to Lewisville City Council member John Gorena about two important tools cities should be using to combat illegal immigration. If you've never heard of e-Verify and 287(g), this is one show you don't want to miss.

If you like fireworks, make your way to Lewisville City Hall at 5:30pm. The City Council will be discussing these tools, and if the past is any indication, tempers will once again flair. Everybody that has an opinion about the problem of illegal immigration in North Texas should definitely come to this meeting.

Tune in to the Innovation@Work! radio show this Monday between 3-4pm on or online.

Beating the odds.
Posted December 30th, 2009
Greg Tierney, the owner of , will talk about his experiences in the restaurant industry. From a humble beginning as a dish washer, he's climbed the ladder of success all the way to restaurant owner. They say that 3 in 4 restaurants fail, so Greg Tierney's success with several restaurant ventures is truly remarkable.

A special offer for the Innovation@Work! radio show audience: Come ring in the new year at Tierney's Cavern & Cafe. Stop by early for dinner! Lobster & Steak, Prime Rib, Filet, Oysters, Pinot Chicken, and other great specials. Stay late for the party - No Cover! Dancing, great drink specials, complimentary appetizer buffet & champagne toast, and contest prizes! Treat yourself to a night at the new Hilton Garden Inn. Get the special $59 rate if you mention Tierney's. Don't worry about driving. Take the free shuttle to and from Tierney's from the hotel!

Tune in to the Innovation@Work! radio show today between 3-4pm on or online.

The Conservative Republican: Debra Medina
Posted December 29th, 2009
We're going to visit with the individual that many people are saying is the only true Conservative in the Texas gubernatorial election. Debra Medina seems to have the blessing of the Tea Party activists. We're looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

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Never, never, never give up!
Posted December 28th, 2009 | View the show notes & links.
A with a once said, "Never, never, never give up." He also said, " is a , the , and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery," but that's a story for another broadcast.

It's easy to get discouraged when you're attempting a difficult task, but when the task at hand is what you feel you were meant to do, it's all the more important that you stick with it.

Today, we'll be speaking with two individuals that work in an industry where rejection is common. Marcus Lee Stephenson and Tiffany Jones are Dallas based actors who found their success in different ways. What they do share is a belief that failure is not an option.

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Merry Christmas!
Posted December 25nd, 2009

The Envy Magazine Entertainment Update
Posted December 23nd, 2009
Are you going to check out James Cameron's 3D masterpiece Avatar this weekend, or would you prefer Robert Downey Jr.'s new take on the classic Sherlock Holmes? Paul Salfen, the Editorial Director of Envy Magazine, will be in the studio to give us his weekly Envy Magazine Entertainment Update.

We'll talk about the big film releases and hear clips from Paul's interview with James Cameron.

Prefer to enjoy the holidays at home with your family? We have you covered. We'll be talking about the latest DVD releases, including District 9.

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What a difference a Mayor makes.
Posted December 22nd, 2009
The last time we spoke with Tim O'Hare on the air was during his campaign for Farmers Branch mayor. As most of you know, he won the election and hit the ground running.

Today, we're going to visit with Mayor Tim O'Hare and get a Farmers Branch progress report.

How important is it to choose the right person to be the mayor of a city?. Tune in to the Innovation at Work Radio Show today at 3pm to find out. If you have a question or comment for Mayor O'Hare, give us a call at 214-787-1190.
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Where did all the money go?
Posted December 18th, 2009
This Obama Economy isn't very pretty, is it? What does it take to get a loan these days? The only one lending is China, and we know where all that money is going.

What is an entrepreneur supposed to do? How can a start up raise capital? Experienced entrepreneurs aren't the only ones looking for money. With record unemployment rates, it only makes sense that victims of the Obama Economy who were laid off and who haven't been able to find work in months are starting their own businesses.

Where did all the money go? It's still out there, if you know where to look. Tune in to the Innovation at Work Radio Show at 3PM this Monday, December 21, and we'll show you the money. , an inventor and patent attorney, returns to the show to provide us with some valuable money making tips. How can you get venture capital? How can you attract the attention of an angel investor? These questions and more will be answered this Monday. This is one show you don't want to miss!

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Winston, 5 days a week: Can you handle this?
Posted December 18th, 2009
We received so many complaints about listeners experiencing WWS (Winston Withdrawl Syndrome) . The radio show on the weekend was great, but once a week? You demanded more, and CNN Radio was happy to oblige.

Beginning this Monday, December 22, you can listen to the Innovation@Work! with Winston Edmondson Monday through Friday from 3-4pm on CNN Radio 1190 AM or online at
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